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Driving Lessons

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Driving Lessons

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Driving Lessons

Find Your Instructor is a free interactive portal dedicated to help make learning to drive as easy and low cost as possible for every learner driver. Locate your ideal matched driving instructor and carry out mock driving theory tests to help you pass - then go and enjoy the exhilarating freedom of the open road!

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About Us

How You Can Benefit By Utilising Find Your Instructor?

With so many different driving instructors and schools picking the right driving instructor for your lessons can be a minefield.

Here at Find Your Instructor we can help you in your quest for the best instructors in your area, enabling you to whittle down the list of driving instructors to match your driving preferences. Options such as vehicle brand, transmission type, gender of your tutor and bulk driving lesson options can easily be applied.

Get Recommendations From Previous Students
A simple list of driving instructors does not really let you know how good they are, or which lessons they offer. Our driving enhanced web directory allows previous students who have taken lessons to rate their experiences and provide active feedback. This can really help you to select the ideal instructor.

Instructors, Schools, Crash courses…. I'm Lost!
These are really just terms for the type of instructor business they operate.

Generally driving instructors will fall into one of these broad categories:

Individual Instructor - Just one individual who often runs and owns the business.

More personalised service.

May be cheaper and / or offer specialist options such as automatic lessons.

No large company behind if there are problems - but instructors need to have specialist insurance to protect you.

May be booked all the time if good - so maybe worth waiting for!

Driving School - Larger business who tend to employ a number of driving instructors / offer a style of franchised branding.

Multiple drivers may give you alternatives if yours leaves or is ill.

May have more recent training on the latest practices and developments.

Might offer some form of discounts.

The person you speak to on the phone may not be the person taking the lessons.

There may be a more rigid pricing / booking times policy.

As with any instructor ensure they are legal and properly licensed.


Questions To Ask Your Driving Instructor

What Kind Of Car Will You Be Learning In?

Always check what sort of car the instructor has. While most will have cars targeted towards learner drivers if you are very tall you may find certain small cars such as a Fiat 500 or Renault Clio's too small for you to drive in comfort.

Find Your Instructor will have listed the different cars the instructors have to teach you in (where we have the information).

How Long Will My Driving Lessons Be?
This is a key one of course as - we all want value for money. However there are many other major areas to examine before committing to a particular instructor. Here are some suggestions;

Are there any discounts for booking groups of lessons?

How far ahead do you need to book lessons?

Do you have any further qualifications or are you a member of any professional bodies?

And finally remember the most important thing; you must feel comfortable with the instructor, so speak to them and see how the conversation goes!

Many of these questions will be answered on Find Your Instructor website.

You will be spending hours together in a fairly small confined space. You are likely have some stressful moments too, so it's really important that you feel comfortable and trust the instructor.

Learner Driving On A Budget
Whilst you probably cannot wait to get behind the wheel it is important to work to a budget you can afford.

You have 2 years from passing your theory test to get your practical test passed. So if you have enough time it may be worth saving up some money and go for a block driving lesson booking - for example 20 lessons over an intensive driving programme, which may work out cheaper per lesson.

That being said you may not want the pressure of this specific route…..
In which case you can go at a steady affordable rate - perhaps taking a lesson a week over an extended period.

Remember Most People Do Not Pass First Time!
So leave yourself enough of a time gap at the end of your first test, to have another go (or two) before your 2 year limit is up.


Recent Instructor Review
``Thank you Sam at Find Your Instructor for providing an extremely efficient service to my own driving school``.
Sam was able to provide my school with pupils in my own area at a very competitive rate. He runs a very efficient ADI service where any questions / queries are dealt with immediately.
I would highly recommend this Company! Steve - A.S.H. Driving School. ADI IAM ROSPA

Meet Our Driving Instructors

Below see some of our instructors listed, use the search function to narrow down the list of instructors who meet your needs & requirements


At Find Your Instructor, we’re not just teaching you for test day, we’re teaching you a new talent that you’ll hopefully enjoy and appreciate for the rest of your life. For the test and beyond, we want to help you develop the skills and attitude for a lifetime of safe driving.

The tests are designed to test your competence to a very high standard, and we’ll make sure that you meet that standard before we suggest that you’re ready to take your test.

The Driving Test itself is split into two parts in order to thoroughly test your knowledge, awareness and driving skill: