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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

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Automatic Driving Lessons

- Lessons In Automatic Cars
When you are ready to learn to drive there are a number of things to consider, one being if you are going drive automatic or manual. Below are a few things to consider before making the decision.

What is automatic driving?

Firstly, let`s start with a brief explanation of gears as this is where the difference between manual and automatic happens. The gears impact the way the engine of the car is working. Cars have between five and six gears that are used for when driving at different speeds and on different terrains. The higher the speed, the higher the gear.The steeper the incline (going up a big hill) the lower the gear. Transmission is the term used to explain the moving of the gears.

Automatic driving is when you drive a car that has automatic transmission. The automatic transmission system detects when the car needs to change gear and it does so automatically meaning you don`t have to operate the clutch or gears. Automatic driving can be less work and easier as you are able to focus more on the road and not the operation of the car. Manual driving is when you operate the gear system yourself using the clutch and gear stick.

You will notice the difference in manual and automatic cars. Automatic cars have no clutch and the layout of the gearstick is different you will see the following.

Drive - the car can now move forward and will change gear accordingly

Neutral - the same as in a manual car, the car is not in gear and can move (coast or roll) unless the handbrake is applied

Reverse - the only gear you have to manually select, this makes your car reverse or move backwards

Park - for when your car is stationary and you are ready to get out. The car is prevented from moving away as the transmission is locked. You will need to apply the handbrake in conjunction with this.

Some cars may have additional options such as 1st and 2nd gear or winter driving. These are for use in specific circumstances but aren`t mandatory.

Learning to drive an automatic

Many people choose to learn in automatic because it is easier to pick up, a more relaxed way or driving and has some cost benefits. If you would like to learn to drive automatically you must find an instructor who specifies in automatic lessons and has an automatic car. If you pass your driving test in an automatic car, you will receive and automatic licence this allows you to drive automatic cars only, you are prohibited from driving manual cars.

Pro`s and Con`s

As with all things there a benefits and disadvantages to driving an automatic car, as mentioned above they can be easier to learn in, you can focus your concentration on the road ahead and of your positioning in the road. Automatic car`s however, tend to be more expensive (both new and second-hand) than manual cars, as they are less common, this also tends to mean they are more expensive to fix. This combination also tends to push up insurances pricing for automatic cars. However, automatic cars are less susceptible to driver related issues (issues with clutch and brakes), they are also reported as being more reliable cars. The restricted automatic license can also be problematic if you drive for work as its likely company cars are manual due to them being more common.

Holding a manual driving license allows you to drive both automatic and manual vehicles, this may be more beneficial in the future if you would like to explore you options when choosing a car and driving.
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